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to Peregrination RPG©'s website. Amongst these pages you will find information on this self published pen and paper RPG. Here we will help you explore and define an epic world that is Peregrination RPG© — journey from place to place. Upon completion of this project, a printed copy of the complete rules and world will be available. Below is a summary of the bookmarks available to you and your journey through this site.

Should you wish to come back to this page to read the summarized descriptions, simply click on the "Index" link displayed in the bookmark on the right hand margin of the web pages.


Brief description and introduction to the game; written so those who may not play roleplaying games understand.


Summary of the world description and it's significance to the game. "What makes Peregrination RPG©'s world such a rich environment?"

Rule Highlights:

Highlights of the rule system. "Lack of strict classes," "character will be a product of your imagination, not the game system's"

Rule Highlights > Differentia:

Focusing on the rules of Peregrination RPG© and how they differ from other major RPG rule sets.


Breif author bio, & email to contact.


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Links & Media:

Downloadable items to be used with the game. Also listed here are links used as inspiration or other related interest.

Media/Links>Character Sheet

A player character sheet is the form used to record your character in the role-playing game, including details, notes, game statistics, and background information to be used during play sessions.


Maps are another essential tool to the role-playing gamer. Maps provide, literally, the layout of the land. Often multiple maps are used to track logistics and find new places of adventure; everything from your character finding cover to planning your quest for fame and glory.


I have decided to start blogging my journey through creating Peregrination RPG. Here I talk about my trials and tribulations, references, inspirations and other interests pertaining to Peregrination RPG.